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Marketing your game can be one of the hardest things to figure out. It is a whole different world than what you may be used to but it is a necessity. Having a functional website, a good social media presence, and even maintaining your relationship with the community, publishers and even other devs is just as important as creating a great game.  Over the next couple of months we will be going through a number of ways to help you understand the tools that are available to you and hopefully help you have a better understanding of what you would like to do to better market your game.

First things first, I believe that having a functional website is one of the most essential tools to help market your game. People will search for your name, people will search for your studio and people will search for your game. They want to find information, they want images, they want videos, they want to know how to reach you, they want to know who is talking about you. People will find out about your game one way or another and it might as well be from your site, having that centralized location of information is a huge help for people and can really help not only sell your game but also give people a better understanding of who you are and what your game is about.

So lets dive into why your website is one of your best marketing tools.


People want information about your game, they want to know the platforms, the release date, the price and everything else they could possibly find. This is your chance to let the world know what your game is about in your own words. You control the content and that is important because it gives you the opportunity to share your passion with the community. This content is also really beneficial for marketing purposes both from a press related standpoint as well as a search engine marketing standpoint but that is a topic for another day.


Everyone loves images and videos, some people even look for wallpapers, logos, music and many other things that will not only give them insight into your game but give them something to share with everyone they know. Having all these assets available also helps with not only the community side of things but with the press side of things and having assets for them to use. Also just as important is having a history of your games progression for not only your records but also for others to follow your progress.


Keeping communication up with your community and with press is really important. Having ways to be easily contacted and having ways for people to see how you interact with the community is important beyond belief. Your site should give people easy access to contact you by having a form, your contact info, and even social media widgets showing off posts, likes, followers, pictures, videos and whatever else you are using social media wise. I can not stress how important it is to have those line of communications open and available. People will turn to your site and social media to have a conversation with you, and the easier it is to have that conversation and the more active you are the better the results will be.

Its on brand

Your site is an extension of your game and it should feel the part. You have complete control over your site and its content and it should act as an extension of your game. Does your game use a certain font? Does it have a specific art style? Does it have something symbolic or a specific setting? Does your site show us any of that? Gamers care about all of this, and if we can’t figure any of this outside of looking at images and videos then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Having a site that is on brand helps sell your game and its style. It gives people to chance to immerse themselves with out even playing and to hype themselves up even more. No news site or fan site or database can give customers that true immersion, only you can and you should be taking advantage of that.

Marketing your game can be the hardest part of what you do, it could be a whole new world for you and it unfortunately can be a necessity to succeed. Talking to the community, talking to publishers and press are all part of what you do, and having the right tools can really make the job easier. I hope this post about your website has helped you have a better understanding of what a powerful tool your website is, and I hope it has given you some ideas on how to better your current site. Always feel free to contact me either through this site or at to talk more in depth about what you could be doing with your site.

Luigi Guarnuccio

I am a designer, developer, and gamer who currently works as a designer and developer who produces interactive pieces that live on the web. I am also the founder of Gamers Haven News which is a gaming news site. I take almost all of my inspiration from gaming as a whole and it is a big part of who I am and what I do.

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