Figuring Out The Next Smash Character

Nintendo has opened a ballot in which they are allowing the community to nominate their favorite characters to be included into Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS as future DLC. Nintendo has also stated that third-party characters are also fair game. But is it possible to try and guess who could actually be added to the game? Maybe not 100% but we can sure give some compelling evidence as to who we may see. Also don’t forget to nominate your favorite character here.

In the first portion of this article we will be talking about each game individually and try to create a criteria list for why characters were added. If you are looking for who we think will be added, scroll to the bottom for that.

First off we need to look at each game individually and go through the characters that were added or removed.

Super Smash Bros. – N64 – 1999

In the original Super Smash Bros. game we were introduced to the first 12 fighters.

All 12 original fighters have 3 things in common. They are all a main character or a mascot for their respective series. They all have games that have high ratings and have been included in countless video game top charts. The last one is hard to completely justify but I will go into more details about it afterwards , but all games have sold quite a bit of units over their lifetime with the highest being the Mario franchise with more than 400 million units to the lowest of Mother/EarthBound series at roughly 2 million units.

The 2 most questionable character additions would be Ness and Captain Falcon. It is hard to understand why based off the units sold over the lifetime of both series. But looking into the series more and digging deeper into the numbers we can come to the conclusion that they were characters added because of their popularity in their respective regions. The F-Zero series that Captain Falcon is from has continuously sold more titles in North America per game by a pretty large margin, outselling by as much as .48 million units (F-Zero for SNES). As for Ness… His series is a cult classic and has been recognized by many as some of the best RPGs ever created. The other thing is that just about ever game sold has been sold in Japan, that is almost 2 million units sold in Japan (not counting any digital downloads) while the rest of the world only picked up about 150k units. So Ness represents Japan’s character and Captain Falcon represents the West.

 Super Smash Bros. Melee – GC – 2001

In the next installment of the Smash Bros. series we see the return of our original 12 fighters.

Plus 13 new fighters

Each newcomer follows the pattern from the previous game. They are a  main part of their respective series, they are part of games with high scores and great reviews, and they are part of games that have sold rather well through out their lifetime.

The first criteria changed from main character to main role in their respective series, the reason this changed is to accommodate main villains and supporting cast. I also want to add a criteria of the characters historical importance which would include the addition of Mr Game & Watch and Ice Climbers. Both these characters have some significant importance to Nintendo’s early history and have actually sold quite a number of units. Ice Climbers were even sold as part of the NES bundle in Europe.

The original Super Smash Bros. came with 2 fighters who were popular amongst the Japan and Western region. Ness for Japan and Captain Falcon for the west. I believe that Marth and Roy from the Fire Emblem series fall under this category for Japan and the addition of 3 characters from the Zelda series were introduced because of its popularity in the west. Yes Zelda is more popular in the states than in Japan.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Wii – 2008

In the next installment of the Smash Bros. series we see the return of 20 fighters.

Plus 15 new fighters

The new fighters once again follows the criteria we have set up. They are all main characters, all have highly rated games, and they have sold quite a number of units. Some characters have also been replaced with more popular characters within the series such as the change from Mewtwo to Lucario and Roy to Ike. We also see the addition of R.O.B who falls under the historical importance side of things. As for the characters who seemed to be more regional base include Pit, Meta Knight, Lucas and King DeDeDe for Japan and Snake, Sonic, and Olimar for the states.

Brawl is also where we see the addition of non Nintendo characters. Sonic is not a terrible surprise because we have seen other games that include Mario & Sonic. Snake is a little odd but also tells us that Nintendo is open to bringing in third-party characters. But these 2 are huge characters, who have a long track record of great games.

Super Smash Bros – 3DS/Wii U – 2014

In the next installment of the Smash Bros. series we see the return of 34 fighters.

Plus 15 new fighters

So we see some character changes like Pokemon Trainer to Charizard but Charizard is still considered a returning character. Sheik and Zero Suit Samus also became their own characters, but are not new.

All the new characters still follow our criteria. And some even fall under the optional criteria of historical game figures. We can also add an optional criteria of recent hit games, which would account for Robin and Lucina.


Selecting new characters

So now that we have gone through the history of the Smash Bros. characters we can start guessing at what characters we may see added in the future. First lets restate what our initial criteria were.

  1. Main or Support Character from their respective franchise
  2. High rated games 
  3. Large amount of units sold or cult status games

Optional additional criteria –

  • Historical significance
  • Regional significance

Other criteria that should be taken into consideration when selecting a character

  • Gore Level – The Smash Bros. series has no blood and the majority of the games that character comes from do not contain blood. So we can guess that characters with a gory set of moves is a hard sell
  • Third Party Acceptance – Nintendo has admitted and has shown that they are willing to place characters from third parties. But accepting them and obtaining the rights to add them to the smash universe are 2 separate things.
  • First Party Preference – We can assume that Nintendo will add their own Nintendo characters first before anything else.
  • Nintendo Console Preference – We should also assume that characters who have appeared on Nintendo Consoles will have preference over someone who has not. (Metal Gear Solid first made its appearance on the NES)
  • Character Skill Set and Appearance – We have to take into consideration the possible skill set of a character and even their physical appearance. The provocative characters in Smash Bros. are Zero Suit Samus and Wii Fit Trainer, so we can assume that is our highest provocative level.

So we now have a pretty solid criteria list for possible character additions.

Removed characters

I think the first place to look for new additions is characters who are no longer in the game. Their were 9 characters who disappeared over the years. These 9 characters obviously have passed all of our criteria, so why take them out? Yes I understand that we can’t have a number of characters with the same skill sets but they can be altered. We also can rule old characters as a possibility because they have already added 2 of them back into the game, Lucas and Mewtwo. This leaves us with 7 characters that we could see in the future.

Boss Characters

Along these lines we can talk about characters who make an appearance within the game. Most notably – Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Ridley and Tabuu. Yes they all match our criteria but do not match our secondary criteria. Master Hand and Crazy Hand are hard to add because they are floating characters, their models would need to be refactored quite a bit to make it so that they are viable and balanced. Ridley is a large character but this can be changed to match Charizard’s size, other than that I think Ridley would be perfect and one of the easier addition regardless of his size. Lastly is Tabuu which not many people may know about because they may have not played subspace emissary, but regardless he would be a great fit.

Other Characters

So based off these criteria I can immediately think of a number of characters that could be added. View the gird below for the characters that I think could be added.

Probable characters

Stretch characters

Improbable characters

These are our predictions on who we can potentially see be added to Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U. Starting form the most likely set to the least likely set.

Based off these criteria who do you think we will see? Or better yet who would you love to see added to the smash universe? Let us know in the comments below

Luigi Guarnuccio

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