Figuring Out The Next Smash Character

Nintendo has opened a ballot in which they are allowing the community to nominate their favorite characters to be included into Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS as future DLC. Nintendo has also stated that third-party characters are also fair game. But is it possible to try and guess who could actually be added to the game? Maybe not 100% but we can sure give some compelling evidence as to who we may see. Also don’t forget to nominate your favorite character here. (more…)

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Marketing Your Game – Your Website

Marketing your game can be one of the hardest things to figure out. It is a whole different world than what you may be used to but it is a necessity. Having a functional website, a good social media presence, and even maintaining your relationship with the community, publishers and even other devs is just as important as creating a great game.  Over the next couple of months we will be going through a number of ways to help you understand the tools that are available to you and hopefully help you have a better understanding of what you would like to do to better market your game. (more…)

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Intro Series: Boardgames

Have you ever wanted to dive into the world of boardgames beyond the traditional games like Monopoly, Sorry and Scategories? Maybe you want to share your passion of boardgames with friends or your significant other but are not sure what games to use as intro games. Well let us try and help to either get you started or to help others fall in love with your passion.

We will be talking about some great and easy games to learn and share. Some of them will be very basic games and many of them are for just about any age. Even if you are a hardcore gamer you may really enjoy these titles. This list will also give new players a great look into many of the basic mechanics that many games build off of such as worker placement/management, tile placement, player goal achieving, and even how co-op games work.


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Thoughts on the 2014 League of Legends’ World Championship viewership numbers

League of Legends released the 2014 World Championship viewer numbers a couple days ago and it has been received with some very mixed opinions, but I personally mainly see many accusations that  eSports is declining in popularity.

But before I go into why eSports may not be declining based off these numbers lets have a TLDR; version of LoL’s 2014 World Championship viewer number The 2014 World Championship went from September 18th to October 19th which included 15 actual days of games across Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. The games were casted from 40 different broadcast partners that resulted in 288 million unique impressions. Fans watched an average of 67 minutes which is a big increase from Season 3’s 42 minute average. This increased number helped to increase the total hours watched from 70 million in Season 3 to 179 million in season 4. There was even an increase in concurrent viewers from season 3 to season 4, 8.7 million to 11.2 million. But the number that sticks out the most is that total unique viewership during the finals went down from 32 million in season 3 to 27 million in season 4. (more…)

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This Is Game Inquire, Pardon Our Dust

Hello and welcome to  Game Inquire! Game Inquire is an idea born out of the want to explore multiple facets of games and its history. The plan is to ask questions about gaming and then answer them. We plan to ask simple questions like what is the history of the meeple, or why is e-sports so important. We will even research the history of a franchise and see how it either became great or fell into oblivion. We plan to talk to people about the industry and also break down the industry from a consumer standpoint. We plan to even talk about collecting and DIY projects. The topics are endless because everyone has questions that they want answered or there is always something someone is interested in knowing more of. The site will also evolve as our content unfolds, we will be updating the sites design and functionality based around how we see people using it, and for now it is a relatively blank slate. This Is Game Inquire, Pardon Our Dust

If there is anything that you are particularly interested in knowing, let us know in the comments.


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