The Indie Movement – Ramiro Corbetta

The Indie Movement is something that I had started over at GamerHavenNews but is something that I am bringing over to Game Inquire because I believe its a great fit for what we wish to achieve and share with the community. The Indie Movement is a series in which we interview developers and talk about what indie is. From what indie means, how do people get started and where is it heading.

2463108-gdc2013adfterhoursIn this installment of The Indie Movement we talked to Ramiro Corbetta (many months ago) who created Hokra which is part of Sportsfriends which came out earlier this year which contains Hokra, Joust, BariBari Ball and Super Pole Riders.

Ramiro was incredibly fun to talk with and I feel he has some great insight and ideas about the community and the idea and future of indie as a whole. Read on and Enjoy! (more…)

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