History: Rise of the Meeple

Meeples have become some what of an icon within the board game community. They are cute little figures that many games have adopted to signify people. But how did this name come about? How did it become the symbol that it is? And more importantly what is its history?

What is a Meeple 

To start off we need to talk about what a Meeple is, and at its core it is a small person-shaped figure used as a player’s token in a board game. Meeples come in a wide range of shapes and sizes which we will discuss about in a later section, but they are all used for very similar mechanics. Meeples depending on the game being played can be used to declare a players action, can be used to to specify “people” on the game board as well as various other functions such as scoring or player progress. (more…)

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